FAQ & Shipping


All US orders are a flat rate of $15 for standard shipping which can take 1-4 days shipping depending on where you live. Other options available for shipping are listed below as well as flat rate price. Please note our production time is 2-4 weeks, the shipping option will only affect the shipping time once your product is finished.

US Shipping:
Flat Rate Standard shipping time - $15
Flat Rate 2 day AM shipping - $45
Flat Rate overnight shipping - $135

International Shipping:
For international shipping questions please email us at info@forbeyon.com for more information. You will be invoiced later for the charge to ship to your country.

Do you have shipping discounts for bulk orders?
Shipping is $15 one time per order for the U.S., that will cover however many items you order in that one order.

How long is the turnaround time for my order? 
Our current production time is 2-4 weeks plus shipping time. Shipping time will affect once your product is finished. Orders placed on the nonworking days will be processed the following business day.


For all Texas photographers and vendors you are required by the state to fill out a tax form which you can download the pdf version by clicking the link here http://online.forbeyon.com/images2014/taxForm/01-339_Forbeyon.pdf. After placing your order please fill out the form and send a copy to info@forbeyon.com


Can I send you my logo or design file to be engraved?
Yes, please check here for the file requirements >

I have a logo design file I'd like engraved! How do I do that?
You can email the files directly to info@forbeyon.com and we will process it for you.

What type of files does my logo or custom engraving design need to be?
Your custom engraving files must be in .eps format made through Illustrator.

Can I send a logo with color?
No, all files being engraved must be black (area that will be engraved) and white for background (area that will not be engraved) only.

Can I send a .png file to be engraved?
No, all files being engraved must be in .eps format.

How will you know what to engrave on the product?
The parts you want engraved on your product must be 100% black and the area you do not want engraved must be 100% white.

Can I get engraving on the USB?
No, at this time engraving is only on the top of the box lid.

Do I have to order the USB with the box?
No, you can provide your own USB to go with the box if you would like. The space provided for the USB is 2.25 in x 1.25 in.

Do you offer different color USBs?
No, at this time it is only the walnut USB.

Can I get engraving on the inside of the box?
No, engraving is only on the top of the lid.

Will I get the same grain of the wood with my orders?
The color and the grain of the wood may vary due to the nature of the wood.

Photo Prints:

What size prints can fit the boxes?
The boxes can hold up to 100 4x6 photo prints.

Do the photo prints come with the box?
No, but you can order the 4x6 fine art prints used in our product photos on Woodland Albums website. Click here for instructions >